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Designed to fit all the amazing women around the world!

Sobre nosotros

Encore Jeans is a women's junior & plus denim apparel brand, established in 1988 in the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District.

Our company's philosophy has remained unchanged since 1988.
Offer the customer the best service, selection, quality and value. We focus on catering to customer's needs with a wide selection of denim apparel. From basics to eye catching detailed styles, our denim is unequaled in quality. We possess the 3 F's of denim which are fit, fabric, and finish.
Our product lines are internationally renowned to have incredible fit, superior fabric quality, and great finishes with beautiful washes and innovative designs. All of these qualities offered at the lowest possible price.

Encore Jeans is sold and private labelled globally. Over 34 years, we have sold millions of jeans in over 50 countries. It is very possible that a pair of jeans you already own or have owned have been made and designed by our expert team!


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